Save the Environment!!!

The caption sounds very serious right??? yes, indeed it is a very serious issue which requires our attention badly!!!  lets first answer some questions. What is this environment? Is it something like sky,land,planet or universe? not at all. Environment is the surrounding in which living beings like humans,animal and plants live and interact. Since it is the place in which we are living, it is our responsibility or our duty(to sound serious!!) to keep it clean. How can we do this? it is do-able by all of us, we just need some determination and patience to make it happen. I have highlighted below a few points which everyone can follow to make our environment a better place to live, I am just sharing my thoughts here not my preachings


  • Less Usage of plastics:

The cheap plastics which we use on our daily basis like the plastic bags needs to be recycled, the plastic bottles which has the code ‘1’ or ‘2’ should never be reused as they generate harmful chemicals when reused. These cheap plastics are mostly non biodegradable,i.e, it is not possible to break them by organisms or by weathering process of nature so they do not decompose, this makes them contaminate our ecosystem forever. It is evident that we need to lessen the plastic disposal, which  can be done by following few simple measures listed below:

  1. Use paper bag or cloth bag for shopping and use your own bags for shopping so that we do not have to use the plastic bag given in the store.
  2. Try to use glass bottles and paper cups instead of plastic cups and bottles.
  3. Recycling is another way of using waste plastics, where these waste plastics are processed and reused again., this diminishes the contamination of plastics atleast to an extent.

Lets take a step forward to help our damaged environment and transform it into a better place to live!

  • Be”aware” of CFC:

CFC – Chlorofluorocarbons, these are organic compounds contain carbon, chlorine, fluorine and hydrogen, these are widely used in our refrigerators and air conditioners. These are some important appliances which we use in our household on a daily basis, most people are not aware of the effects of these CFC s which when released into the atmosphere affects the ozone layer, they breakdown the ozone molecules making a hole, ozone layer protects our atmosphere from harmful ultraviolet radiations, prolonged exposure to these radiation causes cancer. So the least that we can do is to reduce the usage of AC and fridge, use them only when it is utmost needed and do not keep the fridge open for a long time and do not open and close the fridge frequently, these are some meager things which we can do to reduce the release of CFC s into the atmosphere.

  • Grow more Trees:

Trees play a major role in maintaining ecological balance, trees take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. If you have more trees around your house be proud that you are guaranteed for fresh oxygen all the time. Another important factor is that, trees prevent soil erosion as they have deep roots that hold the soil together preventing soil erosion. Trees provide shade from heat radiations and also protect us from harmful UV radiations. By keeping all these advantages in mind, lets plant more trees around us, though it takes years to grow atleast our future generation would be benefited out of it.

Go Green!!! Help our Environment!!!!


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