Animals and Birds are friends of Humans

On a daily basis, we see a lots of birds and animals around us, some of them make us happy while others make us run away from them out of fear πŸ™‚ but I am writing this post to highlight the fact that these creatures have equal rights to exists in this planet as we humans have and they need to be cared and respected like us. Treating them equal, doesn’t mean like taking them to work with us or decorating them with accessories πŸ™‚ but giving them food and affection which is going to make them happy … I always had passion for pets… I wanted to own one but unfortunately my mom who is very strict told me that she already has me and my sister so she does not want any more pets :P. So I started to pet my neighbors cats, dogs , love birds etc and during my vacation time I would take care of all my neighbors pet animals in my backyard while they go out for work. These creatures are so beautiful, they don’t have a voice to curse people, they always love you back when you love them which makes them very special and interesting(Cute as well!!!).

So Is this post just about my thoughts about animals and birds?? No, certainly not.I am just sharing my thoughts and making my fellow humans aware of what is going on around us. Animals doesn’t mean just the one s around our house but also the wild animals like lion, tiger and bear which are hunted on a daily basis for commercial purposes or pleasure. Tigers have almost become extinct that our future generations would have to see just the picture of tiger to know that such an animal actually existed in some forest. Does anyone ever know how many animals are in the brim of extinction??? I have put a picture below to show a few of them as an example but there are lot more. My page is not enough to post the pictures of all such animals 😦


The birds list is even more longer than the animals. There is a little cute bird called “House Sparrow” which is real tiny and sits on the wires and window frames of our house, these birds have declined drastically in their population over a short period of time…Β  partly the reason being the harmful radiations from the usage of cell phone which makes these birds unable to survive. Lots of birds are unable to survive in our environment due to pollution and global warming.


I just want to make it a point to make everyone understand that lets help each other, every living being in this planet needs to be treated with respect be it a super hero or a simple frog, it is unfair to utilize these birds and animals for our uses and kill them in bulk for their meat, skin, hair or nails. I don’t want to write a lengthy post to elaborate the causes and measures that we can take. I have shared few of my thoughts here and it is up to us to find a way to stop this cruelty against birds and animals.


3 thoughts on “Animals and Birds are friends of Humans

  1. I never knew that cell phone radiation could affect some birds This is a sad thing because cell phone usage will just increase in future. I don’t see the usage declining. I love animals too and support conservation of endangered species. Thanks for sharing!

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