Healthy Beaten Rice Upma/ Simple Poha Upma

Poha or Beaten rice are very healthy and easily digestible as they are rich in dietary fiber and low in fat content which makes them ideal for breakfasts as these days most of us do not want to have a heavy breakfast rather we opt for a healthy breakfast. I prefer something spicy or savory for my breakfast than something sweet so I prefer to have this upma atleast thrice a week. Lets see how to make this easy upma:


Thick Poha or Beaten rice – ½ cup

Roasted Peanuts – 2 tbsp

Onion – 1 medium

Oil – 2 tbsp

Salt – To taste

To Temper:

Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp

Urad Dhal – 1 tsp

Red Chillies – 2

Curry Leaves – 1 spring

Hing – A pinch

Turmeric Powder – ¼ tsp


  1. Take the poha in a colander and wash it thoroughly under running water for 2 mins.
  2. Do not soak it in water as it becomes soggy, just drain off the excess water and allow it to sit for 20 mins, after which it becomes soft and doubles in volume.
  3. Heat a pan and add some oil to it, add all the ingredients mentioned under “ To Temper” and fry for a min.
  4. Cut the onion into small pieces and add it. Saute them for few mins until they turn translucent.
  5. Add roasted peanuts to it, then add poha and required salt. Mix them all together slowly without breaking the poha, if not the poha would become mushy.
  6. Serve hot with chutney, pickle or sugar.



  • Do not replace thick poha with the thin ones, these are more suitable to make upma.
  • You can replace poha with old fashioned oats as well, but make sure to strain the water completely.
  • You can even add small pieces of boiled potatoes, carrot, peas or beans to it.

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