Thayir Vadai

Spicy donut dipped in Yogurt sauce is the English translation for thayir vadai. This snack is my all time favourite, you can serve it as an appetizer/starter in parties as it looks very colourful and tastes heavenly.In South India, we always make this thayir vadai for feasts when guests come to our house or during weddings as this is supposed to be a grand dish which is made for special occasions and for special people 🙂 So here I am presenting this dish to all my special readers and friends out there.


Serves – 2

Medhu vada – 4

Yogurt – ½ cup

Ginger – 1 inch piece

Green chillies – 2

Hing Powder – A pinch

Salt – To taste

For Garnish:

Cilantro or coriander leaves – as needed

Boondi – As per taste.


Yogurt Mixture:

  1. Take thick yogurt in a vessel and whisk it nicely by adding few tablespoon of water, the consistency should not be watery but very thick and creamy.

  2. In a blender, add some green chillies, ginger, hing powder and salt, grind this mixture into a smooth paste by adding little water to it. You can adjust the amount of green chillies and salt as per your taste.

  3. Add this mixture to the yogurt and set it aside.


  1. Make Medhu Vada as per the instructions specified in my previous post.

  2. Soak them in hot water just for a min and squeeze out the water gently. (Do not show your muscle power here and squeeze it very hard, be very gentle,this step is just to remove excess water and let the yogurt mixture seep in)

  3. Transfer the soaked vada into the yogurt mixture. Ensure that the vada is not too hot when you add it into the yogurt mixture as it might cuddle the yogurt.

  4. Garnish this with coriander leaves and boondi(Spicy round gram flour balls deep fried in oil).


  • There are many variations to thayir vadai but this is just my way of doing it. You can experiment many ideas and make it more creative and innovative as you like 🙂

  • If you don’t have boondi don’t worry it is just for crunchiness, you can replace it with anything that you like as a topping.

  • This stays well in refrigerator for 2 days.


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