Onion Tomato chutney

Onion tomato chutney is my favourite side dish for idli or dosa. This deep red coloured chutney is easy to make and can be stored in refrigerator for a week. In restaurants, you will find this chutney served along with white and green chutney, when you order idli or dosa 🙂 Lets see how to prepare this chutney:


Onion – 2 (medium)

Tomato – 2 (medium)

Green or dry red chillies – 2

Garlic pods – 4

Oil – 2 tbsp

Salt – to taste

To Temper:

Oil – 1 tbsp

Mustard seeds – ½ tsp

Urad dhal – ½ tsp

Curry leaves – few leaves(Torn into pieces)


  1. Roughly chop the onions and tomatoes and keep them aside.

  2. Peel the garlic and chop them roughly.

  3. Heat a pan or a kadai over medium flame, add 1 tbsp of oil, once the oil turns hot,toss in the garlic and red chillies, fry them until the garlic turns brown. Take them out of the pan and keep it aside.

  4. In the same pan, add 1 tbsp of oil, once the oil turns hot, add in the onion and saute for a min.

  5. Add in the tomatoes and add some salt to it and saute them until the tomatoes turn mushy.

  6. Now, add the garlic, red chillies, salt and onion-tomato mixture into a blender and blend them into a paste. Transfer the chutney to a serving bowl.

  7. Heat a tadka(Seasoning) pan by adding 1 tbsp of oil into it.

  8. Add the ingredients mentioned under “To Temper” and allow the mustard seeds to splutter then add in the urad dhal and curry leaves.

  9. Pour this seasoning over the chutney and mix them well.

  10. Serve this chutney with idli, dosa or Pesarattu.

photo 2


  • Add some salt while sautĂ©ing onion,this makes the onion to cook faster.

  • I prefer to use ripe plum tomatoes and red onion for this recipe which gives a nice red color.

  • Adding garlic or curry leaves is optional.

  • For making chutneys I always prefer to use sesame oil as it gives a nice aroma and flavor to it, but its purely optional.


4 thoughts on “Onion Tomato chutney

  1. What is Idli? The chutney is delicious. I would use it to serve anything even fries (better than bottled tomato ketchup) and even pasta. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week!

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