Homemade Sambhar Powder

As per my blogger friend Priya s request, I am writing down the recipe for sambar powder. This is my mom’s recipe which has been in my family for generations ๐Ÿ™‚ as my mom got it from her mom and my she got it from my great grand mother it goes on ……… ย My mom always sends me the sambhar powder in bulk for at least 6 months, this is like a multi purpose powder which can be used for sambar, rasam and even while sauteing vegetables.


Bulk – makes about 1.5 kg of sambar powder

Coriander seeds – 3/4 kg

Dry red chillies – 1/2 kg

Toor dhal – 3/4 cup

Channa dhal – 3/4 cup

whole black peppercorns – 25 gms

Cumin seeds – 25 gms

Whole dry turmeric – 50 gms


  1. In India, We always sun – dry the ingredients which we are going to store for a long time, this takes out all the moisture in it which makes it last longer. So Sun – Dry all the ingredients which I have mentioned above separately for 2 days.

  2. For people who are in cold places, fry each of the ingredients separately in a dry pan without adding any oil. No colour change is required. Just fry for a few mins, to get rid of the moisture and the ingredients should get crispness.

  3. Place all the ingredients in a closed container and grind them into a smooth powder in the mill.

  4. Once you get it from the mill, spread the sambar powder in a newspaper and allow it to cool.

  5. Store the sambar powder for daily use in a small container.

  6. The remaining powder needs to be stored in a large, dry airtight container for future use.

  7. You can find the recipe for sambar in the link provided.


  • Always use a dry spoon to handle the sambar powder, moisture in any form spoils the powder.

  • Amount of chillies/peppers depends on your ย personal preference.


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