Raw Banana Chips


Wanted to present a simple recipe on the start of this new year so I thought like why not start with a crunchy recipe, so I decided to write about these Raw/Green Banana chips. This is a very easy and yummy chips which can be made in no time. You will find these chips in all our South Indian wedding menus,it goes well on the side with any rice dish or as a light evening snack. As and when I find fresh green banana s in Indian Grocery store, I buy them and make these chips in bulk which would last me for atleast 3 months 🙂 Lets see how to make these raw banana chips 🙂


Raw Banana – 2(Peeled and sliced into thin slices)

Oil – To deep fry

To season:

Red Chilly powder – 1  tsp

Salt – To taste

Hing Powder – ¼ tsp

Sliced Raw banana

Sliced Raw banana


  1. Raw banana turns black when exposed to air after you peel it so to avoid discoloring you can soak them in water.

  2. I prefer to peel them and slice them directly over hot oil which is easier.

  3. Otherwise, Heat oil in a wide bottomed pan over medium flame.

  4. Add a piece of banana chips and check if the oil is hot enough.

  5. Once the oil is ready,  add the banana slices slowly.

  6. Allow them to cook on both sides and until they turn brown.

  7. Drain the chips in a paper towel.

  8. Season the chips with hing, red chilli powder and salt. Toss them well so that all the seasoning stick to the chips.

  9. Store them in an airtight container.


  • Try to use a slicer to get thin, even slices.

  • Seasoning can be done as per your taste, you can replace red chilly powder with black pepper or paprika as well.

Seasoned chips with salt, hing and chilli powder

Seasoned chips with salt, hing and chilli powder


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