Chutneys for Panipuri/Chaats

Pani Puri, Bhel puri, Vada pav nothing is complete without chutneys, the colourful green and red chutney makes the chaat too delightful and tasty to try again and again. These chutneys can also be served with samosa and kachori as well so its good to make them in advance and use as and when it is required. They have a long shelf life and can also be frozen as well.

Green Chutney:


Coriander Leaves – 1 bunch(Remove the leaves,discard the stem & wash them thoroughly)

Green chillies – 2 or 3 (As per taste)

Ginger – ½ inch piece(Peeled and chopped)

Salt – As needed

Sugar – ½ tsp

Lime Juice – 1 tbsp

Water – few tsp


  1. Add everything mentioned above except the lime juice into a blender and grind it into a paste, you can adjust the consistency by adding few tsp of water if needed.

  2. Finally add the lime juice to the chutney and mix it well.

  3. Serve this chutney with samosa, bhel puri, roti or even idli and dosa.

photo 2


  • We can even use mint and coriander instead of just coriander in the green chutney.

  • Spice level can be adjusted as per your taste.

  • Adding sugar actually balances the spicy and the sourness of the green chillies and the lime juice.

Tamarind Chutney:


Dates – 8

Tamarind – 1 tbsp(Packed)- I used the dry one not the paste

Powdered Jaggery – 2 tbsp

Red chilly powder – 1 tsp

Cumin Powder – 1 tsp

Garam Masala – A pinch (Optional)


  1. Take a pressure cooker with little water and pressure cook the tamarind and date for 3 whistles in separate vessels.

  2. Once it is done, extract the juice from tamarind and filter it out.

  3. Grind the cooked dates into a smooth paste.

  4. Take a bowl and mix the tamarind and dates together.

  5. Place this mixture over medium flame and bring it to a boil.

  6. Add in jaggery, red chilly powder, a pinch of garam masala and boil it until it reaches the right consistency.

  7. Finally add the cumin powder and switch off the flame.

photo 4


  • Jaggery can be replaced by brown sugar.

  • If you are using the tamarind concentrate, you can mix it directly with the dates paste.
  • If you like the chutney watery, you do not have to boil it as well.


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