Refreshing Avocado Smoothie

                                   First time I tasted Avocado was, when I was in California, it was so bland and tasteless that I almost thought that all my taste buds were dead as I couldn’t find any taste in these avocado’s. Since my husband is a health freak(Thats what I call him, he eats everything thats healthy and doesn’t care much about how it tastes) he made me eat avocado’s for breakfast everyday with my toast. I wanted to make it more tastier and avoid eating it like a medicine(I swallow it as such 🙂 ) so I thought of making a smoothie out of it, you won’t believe it, its the best smoothie I have ever tasted in my life. The avocado gives a nice texture and taste to the smoothie making it very filling and refreshing.

                                  At the same time,I don’t have to remind you of how healthy avocado is. It has everything from minerals to vitamins to really good fats to a lot of fiber so go for it, eat it as much as you can. Try to sneak in some avocado in your salad, pasta or sandwich and enjoy the goodness of this fruit.


Avocado – 2

Milk – ½ cup ( For vegan option replace it with almond or soy milk)

Sugar or maple syrup or honey – As per taste


  1. Peel the avocado and take out the green flesh.

  2. Add them to a blender along with the milk and sugar, blend them into a smooth liquid.

  3. Serve as such or add some ice cubes to it.


  • Sometimes I skip the milk completely and just blend the avocado with some maple syrup.

  • Avocado has a very creamy texture so I have even tried freezing this mixture and having it as an ice cream.


Mango Lassi

                                 Mangoes are the best of all fruits according to me, these are seasonal and available in many varieties in different parts of the world. What makes them so good is definitely its taste and rich color. These days we get to taste mangoes in the form of pulp as well which are readily available for us to use them wherever required. For mango lassi, I would recommend using pulp as it is really smooth and mixes up pretty easily with the yogurt but if you prefer to use real mangoes then go for it! make them into a smooth puree and use it.

                                  Since lassi’s are made from yogurt, it really cools your body and are ideal for consumption during hot summer days. Another reason is that mangoes generate heat in our body but when consumed with yogurt as lassi, it gets negated. So I would proudly say that most of our Indian foods are prepared in a specific ways for a reason 🙂  This is a kids friendly recipe too which they can make it by themself, if you provide them with all the ingredients they could just whisk them all together and drink it chilled 🙂 No stove or No special apparatus required.


 Mango pulp – ¾ cup

Thick Yogurt – ⅓ cup

Milk – 2 tbsp

Sugar or Honey or Maple Syrup – To Taste (optional)

Few mango pieces – optional


  1. Adding sugar or honey or maple syrup is purely optional as the mango pulp itself is very sweet.
  2. In a blender, add all the ingredient and blend them for few seconds.

  3. Chill and serve after few hours.

  4. Add chopped mango pieces while serving (Optional)



  • Milk is added depending on the lassi’s consistency, you can skip it completely if you like the lassi thick.

  • Few tbsp of lemon juice can also be added for a tangy flavor.